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Emma helps you discover your needs so that you get the right protection at the best price.

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“Subscribe to a life insurance policy without leaving the house”

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“Emma solves a big problem! Getting the right information to protect our family and being able to do it online”

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“Emma is on the verge of revolutionizing the life insurance industry with its secure chat platform”

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“This online purchase process is completely different from online comparators”

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“Throughout the process, certified advisors are present to answer questions from customers”
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The right advice.
No more, no less.

Do you need life insurance?
Get the right product to protect your family.

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No pressure.
No commission.

Our salaried experts are not encouraged to push a life insurance product you don't need.

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Our platform allows you to get life insurance online whenever you want it.

Discover my needs
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How it works

Validate your eligibility

Check your eligibility for life insurance quickly by completing an online health survey.

Discover your real needs

Answer a few questions to find the right coverage with our simple calculator.

Complete everything online

Chat with our certified experts. They will be able to answer all your questions and complete your insurance application.

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For decades, the process of buying life insurance has been outdated. People deserve to get their life insurance more easily.
That's why we've developed a technology that recommends the coverage you really need. No more, no less.

Already more than

200 000 000$

recommended coverage

Norms IQPF
We respect the standards of the Institut québecois de planification financière.
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Avoid headaches

We believe that the quality and accessibility of the service offered should not depend on the client's financial means. Emma has been created to offer you an alternative.

A simple, pleasant and human platform.


We are dedicated to help you protect your loved ones

Emma offers a personalized, simplified and fully online way to buy life insurance. We believe in the importance of being more comfortable, less stressed and in control of our own decisions.

Our team is made up of certified experts who cares about your financial security. We recommend the life insurance you really need. No more, no less.

We're excited about making your experience as enjoyable as possible 🙂

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