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Free life insurance quotes in minutes

How Emma is similar to


Why Emma is the game-changer the life insurance industry needed

In 2021, startups and fintech are not the outliers anymore. More and more, we trust new brands to take care of our finances online instead of visiting the good old banks.

A great example of this is Emma, we changed the game in the life insurance industry with our innovative life insurance experience.

In barely 3 years, Emma has changed what was expected for life insurance. Here is how we're doing it:

Life insurance is an important part of your family's financial tools, but it sadly is often seen as a complicated pile of papers we have to sign because a salesperson told us we needed to.

With Emma, it becomes the ally you never knew you needed but couldn't do without now that it's by your side.

What is life insurance?

First things first, life insurance guarantees a tax-free amount to your beneficiaries, be it your spouse, partner, children or parents.

Then they will use this amount to minimize the financial consequences of your death.

While debts and funeral expenses come to mind, the most important reason behind the purchase of life insurance is often about making sure your children, who depend on your income to live, have everything they need even if something happens to you.

Life insurance takes care of that, offering the peace of mind that your loved ones wouldn't be in a dire financial situation in the event of your death.

What type of life insurance products is Emma offering?

Making life insurance easy for today's families is our number one priority at Emma.

That's why we built our own exclusive life insurance products that are tailor-made for young parents:

  • Affordable and flexible term life insurance
  • Whole life insurance for longer-term needs
  • And the easiest and most complete child insurance as an add-on

Why are traditional life insurance companies asking so many questions?

Life insurance companies need to know who they are dealing with before issuing a policy on their life.

This is why they ask health questions and might require you to take on medical exams to determine your price, and also why they need considerable time to make a decision.

The industry average is about a 4-6 weeks delay before a decision is made and a contract is printed.

What's worst, they might deem you un-eligible after all this process...

Does Emma have the same process?

We wouldn't be a game-changer if we weren't changing the game.

Emma guarantees your eligibility after a short and easy questionnaire, no medical exams and no delays.

You can complete your purchase and receive your contract after minutes, doing everything online on your mobile, at home.

Changing the expectations through innovation

Did you know pregnant women were unfairly judged on life insurance?

Before Emma, their weight gains or post-partum depression could have been enough to justify not accepting them for life insurance.

Emma is proud to innovate with Canada's first pregnant women-friendly life insurance. We believe giving life shouldn't be treated as a disease, wouldn't you agree?

Can I benefit from the help of an expert with Emma?

100% yes! We know you're too busy for an appointment, and you'd prefer not to spend an hour on the phone with a stranger on a Tuesday night... so we built a chat platform that will make your life insurance purchase feels like a casual SMS conversation with your besties.

Our licensed life insurance agents will take you through the process, making sure you're making the right decision and answering any questions you may have.

Most importantly, chances are they'll make you laugh and get you to enjoy this supposedly boring and tedious task!

When should I buy life insurance?

The keywords are Family and Debt. If you get married, have children or move in with your significant other, you would probably need life insurance and should consider it.

The same applies if you buy a house or take on a loan for a car.

If any of the above applies, then yesterday was probably the best moment to buy life insurance. Luckily, today is just as good, so you should get started right now!

If not, we always say that it's never too early to cover your bases. To buy whole life insurance while you're young and healthy means benefitting from a lower price for the rest of your life, a wise decision that should make your parents proud.

In short, if you have kids or any big financial obligation (debt, mortgage, and others), you need life insurance to protect your loved ones.

How can I try Emma for myself and buy life insurance?

We thought you would never ask! As said earlier, Emma offers a 100% online and seamless experience.

Getting started is as easy as clicking the button below and creating a free account.

That means knowing how much life insurance you need, chatting with an expert and receiving your guaranteed quote before you have to pay anything.

See it for yourself 👇


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