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Brief Emma

We have prepared a collaboration "brief" with our vision for the campaign and your mandate as a Content Creator. Once you have read the brief and your mandate, you will be asked to submit an offer to us for the services you will provide via a form.

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Emma's story

Emma, it's a family story that's growing. It's two entrepreneurial brothers from here who have worked hard to ensure that their young, growing startup revolutionizes an entire industry that hasn't evolved in the last 100 years, namely the life insurance industry.

At Emma, we like to think we make it COOL!

Emma, what is it?

Emma is a life insurance platform that offers a personalized, simplified and 100% online approach.

Life insurance, we agree, is not the SEXIEST thing out there! On the other hand, Emma's 8 employees are convinced that it can be.

And that's why we need you!

Our mission

Make life insurance accessible to everyone, every budget and every situation!

Our values

Inclusive & Respectful

We want to make life insurance accessible to all families, regardless of their situation, their budget, their ethnicity and even less so their gender.

Natural & Elegant

Emma's voice is human. She is familiar, friendly, reassuring and gentle. It gives a feeling of security, peace of mind.

Amateur & Neat

Our priority is to help our clients protect their families so that they can go on with their lives with peace of mind.

Spontaneous & Organized

We want to educate families and accompany them but without ever telling them what to do. We are young, dynamic and we like to surprise!

Terms & Mandate
4 to 8 video publications in your Insta-story

To present the importance of having life insurance.

Publish Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 12:00 AM

This is the ideal time for Emma's experts to be available all day to answer questions from your audience.

The angle of communication for your stories

➔ Emma is the modern life insurance platform adapted to the busy lifestyles of young adults and young families.

➔ Emma offers a simplified and personalized approach and is 100% online.

➔ With Emma, there is no good reason to put off buying life insurance.


Take a sweet moment with your family or friends and help your audience become aware of the importance of having life insurance for their loved ones.

Surrounded by your family, spouse, friends, or children.
Preparing/sharing a meal or a moment with your children.
Feeling the strong bond between you and your family during an activity.
Invite people to calculate their life insurance needs on
Example of a perfect story
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Emma's Ambassadors

* Only in French for now. Soon in English :)

Important details  | insta-story
A story of 4 to 8 frames

A video portion where you address the camera is mandatory. You can also include a combination of photos and videos.

Story with Swipe-Up

Make life easier for your audience, each story frame must have a swipe-up to

Details of "caption" for you Insta-Story

TAG in each of the frames of your Insta-Story.

Branded content label

You must use "branded content" when publishing your content.

No other collaboration on the same day

You may not publish content related to another brand on the same day that you publish your stories.

No discrimination

Under no circumstances can a life insurance company or a traditional seller be discriminated against.

* Your insta-stories must be approved before being published.

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