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‍‍Life Insurance

Emma’s life insurance? What’s that?

After working with hundreds of moms, we noticed that no life insurance was adapted to the reality of young families. So, we decided to create a special one just for them.

Emma’s life insurance stands out from other insurance companies with a simplified questionnaire of about 20 questions (many of which include the reality of a pregnant woman), access to a chat every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and one of the best prices on the market.

Emma makes it easy for young parents to obtain their life insurance coverage.

Here’s an example of life insurance protection based on the profile of a healthy, non-smoking, 30-year-old woman.

life insurance online

Parent + Children
Life insurance $400,000 to age 65
Life insurance $25,000/child
Based on the profile of a healthy, non-smoking, 30-year-old woman.

How does Emma's life insurance work?

  • First, you choose the term of your insurance policy and then the amount of insurance that will be paid out if you pass away.
  • Then, you pay a monthly or annual insurance premium to be insured. At Emma, we make sure we find the best life insurance for your needs, at the best price.
  • In the event of your death, the beneficiaries — those you have chosen to cover with your life insurance — will receive the amount of money to protect them against this unfortunate event.

Why take life insurance with Emma?

Life insurance is crucial to financially protect your family. It allows you to leave a tax-free amount in the event of your death. Life insurance can also be used to cover a mortgage, car loan, or personal loan.

At Emma, we offer an effective online solution, and it won’t cost you more to find your life insurance with us. The price will be the same whether you buy with Emma, from another broker, or directly from the insurer.

  • The difference is that we compare prices quickly to find the best insurance without you having to leave your house.
  • Another difference is that we don’t work on commission. We have no advantage in selling you an overly expensive insurance policy that doesn’t suit your needs.
  • As for permanent life insurance, it does not expire, and the amount of coverage can vary over time. This type of life insurance is better suited for people with more complicated financial situations or those who have estate planning needs.

How do I buy Emma life insurance?

Here are the 3 easy steps:

  • Validate your eligibility: check your eligibility for Emma’s life insurance by answering a few health questions.
  • Calculate your needs: calculate the ideal life insurance coverage to protect your family with our smart calculator.
  • Get your price: select your coverage and chat with an Emma expert to get your life insurance.


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Emma life insurance ranks among the best prices on the market for young parents.

Does Emma offer term and whole life insurance?

  • There are two categories of life insurance: term life insurance and whole life insurance. While term life insurance lasts only for a specific period, whole life insurance will always remain in force as long as the insurance premium is paid.
  • Term life insurance is simpler to manoeuvre and less expensive: you pay a monthly or annual premium. Then, in the event of your death, a fixed amount is paid to your loved ones. Unlike whole life insurance, a term life insurance policy expires after a set period. Most people buy term life insurance because it’s less expensive and simpler.
  • On the other hand, whole life insurance does not expire, and the amount of insurance can change over time. This type of life insurance is best suited for people with more complicated financial situations or estate planning needs.

Note that there are several different types of term and whole life insurance.

Who is Emma insurance for?

“So simple, especially with our crazy lives! I was able to wash my dishes, read a story and put my kids to bed for the night while completing my online application!”
Judith Labonté
Mom of 2

There are many different types of people who purchase a life insurance policy.

  • Parents
    As long as they are dependent on you, your children have many expenses. Having life insurance is about making sure they are never left alone before they need to be.
  • Married couples
    Being legally married also means choosing to share finances and financial problems in the event of an unexpected death.
  • Homeowners
    Having a home often means having a large mortgage. Since this is the most expensive debt for most people, it’s a good idea to protect yourself with life insurance that will last at least as long as your mortgage.
  • Students
    Student debt leaves loved ones in a quandary. You’re never too young to protect yourself.
  • Business owners
    Like married couples, being in business is a financial union. Many entrepreneurs have life insurance to ensure that their business will continue, no matter what happens.

Whatever your situation, there is a life insurance product that suits your needs. Even if you don’t think you’ll leave anyone in the lurch in the event of your death, there are ways to make your life insurance benefit a foundation or museum, for example.

What If I don't qualify with Emma?

It is essential to deal with an insurer you trust and who is right for you. Most people will choose the cheapest insurer; however your insurer must meet your needs according to your situation.

Emma is affiliated with all the major insurers in Canada. Therefore, you can choose the best life insurance in Canada with confidence.

To help you choose, we’ve put together a list of insurance companies. You can find life insurance companies such as Sun Life, Manulife, Empire Life, Canada Life Humania, iA Financial Group, iA Excellence, Canada Protection Plan, Desjardins, etc.

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