Blue Cross

Who is Blue Cross?

Blue Cross is an international network offering insurance products. In Canada, Blue Cross is responsible for the protection of more than 7 million members under the Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans, which represents all the independent Blue Cross member plans from different regions across the country. Being the most recognized insurance brand in the world, they are committed to provide innovative coverage to their members.

Why Blue Cross?

Blue Cross is a pioneer and a leader in the health insurance market with over 70 years of experience.

Blue Cross requires no medical exams, offerts excellent rates, gives you access to assistance programs and discounts. Subscribing as a member of the Blue Cross also means that you are part of a global network that offers travel insurance as well as private health insurance meant to complement every province's health care system.

Helping the community

In Canada, Blue Cross wishes to provide peace of mind to its members. This is why every time a travel wish is granted to a courageous child by the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada, Blue Cross offers travel insurance to the children and their families.

Life insurance

Blue Cross offers four different life insurance products: Tangible Hybrid Protection, Flex Plan, Express Life and Mortgage Plan.

Tangible® Hybrid Protection

Tangible is a unique life insurance protection plan between 25,000$ and $1 million in coverage. Your policy gradually converts into a long-term insurance when you reach the age of 56.

This plan includes two different coverages. For the first one, you get to choose between a critical illness, lose of autonomy, life or disability coverage. The second one is a facility coverage which means Blue Cross will pay you a lump sum of money monthly if you were to become physically dependent.

Flex Plan

Flex Plan is an insurance for people who seek great coverage up to retirement. Once you have reached the age of 65, you can decide to convert your insurance to a whole life policy.

This plan is perfect for the self-employed. All you have to do is choose a coverage anywhere between 5,000$ up to a $1 million in 5,000$ increments and the disability, dental and health insurance riders you can add to your policy.

Express Life

The Express Life insurance plan is a guaranteed issue life insurance that requires no medical exam before you can subscribe. The goal of the Express Life is to help you or your beneficiaries cope with the final expense costs with a coverage up to $20,000.

However, if the death occurs in the first six months of the policy, Blue Cross will only reimburse the amount of the premium paid.

You can also choose from many different riders like loss of use, accidental death, hospital allowance, critical illness or accidental fracture.

Mortgage Plan

This life insurance, designed to protect your mortgage or your home equity line of credit allows you to obtain anywhere from $10,000 to $2 million in life insurance coverage for as long as you loan lasts.

Whether you want to cover your principal home, second residences or buildings of eight units or less, the Mortgage Plan is meant to provide financial stability for your estate by making sure that you will always pay your mortgage.

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