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Founded in 1892, iA Financial Group offers a full range of life and health insurance, savings and retirement products (RRSPs, TFSAs, etc.), segregated funds and mutual funds, securities, home and auto insurance, mortgages and car loans, as well as other financial products and services.

Our publicly traded company is one of the largest insurance companies in Canada, with $169 billion under administration and management.

With our prudent investment policy, sound capital management and strong risk management culture, iA Financial Group has the flexibility and financial strength to grow and withstand economic shocks that may occur.

Our Lean ambition

Constantly at the forefront, in 2010 we adopted the flagship principles of Lean management (Toyota method) to become an organization focused on continuous improvement. By adopting this work philosophy, we aim to become the company that best meets the expectations of its customers, in partnership with its distributors, as well as the employer sought to offer a stimulating career.

Our brand image, our distinction

The "iA Financial Group" brand reflects the scale of the Group and the wide variety of products it offers. More than an insurance company, iA is also positioned as a key player in the industry by offering a wide range of financial services.

iA Financial Group wants to accompany its clients and help them understand the world of insurance and financial services so that they can make the right choices to achieve their goals at every stage of their lives.

The signature "WE INVEST, FOR YOU." reflects the vision and promise of the iA brand. We invest as much in a service offering adapted to the needs of our customers, in our customer service, in the development of our employees as in our relationships with our distributors.

The benevolent elephant, our symbol

For its centenary in 1992, iA Financial Group chose the elephant as its symbol. The qualities of this animal echoes those of the company: wisdom acquired through experience, listening, a sense of responsibility and family, strength and stability.

Over the years, the elephant has gradually become part of iA Financial Group's image. Today, it is still present in the logo of the Group and its subsidiaries. It is a reassuring presence that supports the message that is communicated, regardless of the place it occupies.

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