Who is ivari?

Even thought the name ivari was adopted in 2015 following the company's acquisition by Wilton Re, the insurer has been around for over 80 years under the name of Transamerica Life Canada.

They provide insurance products aimed to help their customers get the protection that truly suits their needs.

Ivari is committed to do transparent and approachable business and to be at the forefront of the conversation about insurance.

Giving back to the communities

Caring for Canadians, ivari as started a program in 2000 to support organizations around the country that work to make Canada an healthier place to live.

In the recent years, they supported organizations who fight heart diseases, stroke, cancer and diabetes.

Life insurance products

Whether you need insurance coverage for a long period of time or not, ivari has a wide selection of products that fits your situation.

Universal Life Insurance

This product is made for consumers who want a protection with an investment component. You could use the investment part of your policy in many different ways, such as:

  • Building assets for your heirs
  • Protecting your mortgage
  • Adding to your retirement income

Compassionate Assistance Program

Offered for free with your policy, the CAP gives you the option to take out a loan from your death benefit.


Their universal life insurance also comes with the option to add alot of riders depending on your situation: critical illness protection, level cost of insurance, children's insurance, etc.

Term Insurance

Term insurance is particularly a good option for young people since it gives you affordable premiums and guarantees you will be insurable in the future. They offer a 10, 20 or 30 year insurance policy.

Critical illness insurance

Ivari also offers a critical illness insurance, a product that will grant you with a lump-sum of money if you were diagnosed with a critical illness.

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