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Since it was founded in 1940, La Capitale - Insurance and Financial services has made it its mission to accompany its clients at every stage of their financial life and help them build and protect their wealth. This financial group has been present throughout Québec for 80 years now and throughout Canada since the mid-2000s. In addition to serving an enviable segment of the Quebec and Canadian populations, La Capitale offers financial services and insurance products to the members of several hundred public institutions in La Belle Province. La Capitale is socially involved in the communities in which it does business thanks to the support that its foundation provides to more than 250 organizations. In addition, the company is committed to preserving the environment through the adoption - and rigorous application - of green measures to which its entire team subscribes. In addition to this history and these fine values, La Capitale is first and foremost a leader in the insurance sector in Quebec. Here is a brief overview of its products and services.

Car, recreational vehicle and leisure vehicle insurance

Like any insurer worthy of the name, La Capitale offers car insurance. Why choose to do business with this particular company? Because it rewards good customers and good drivers! In fact, if you also take out your home insurance with La Capitale, it offers you complete roadside assistance for only an additional $2 per month. What's more, the savings for those who choose to take out recreational vehicle insurance in addition to any of these services exceed $400 per year, on average. In addition, drivers who have never made a claim can receive a premium reduction of up to 20%, while greener drivers who choose a green vehicle (hybrid or electric) receive a 15% discount. Finally, in the event of a claim, La Capitale provides you with a courtesy vehicle until yours is available again.

La Capitale also offers insurance solutions for a wide range of recreational and leisure vehicles, from motorcycles to snowmobiles, boats and caravans, to name but a few. For each of these vehicles, La Capitale offers a personalized and competitive solution which includes, for example, free roadside assistance, coverage for certain equipment and accessories, protection for permanent installations in the case of a stationary trailer, and much more

Home insurance

While most homeowners don't need to be told repeatedly to purchase home insurance, too many tenants still neglect to purchase this inexpensive financial product that can save them a lot of hassle if something goes wrong. If you are a tenant, get a quote in less than 5 minutes to protect the property in your apartment and your civil liability, at a very low cost. Choose an intermediate or maximum level of coverage, and if you own a bicycle, be happy: it will be included in your policy, regardless of its value!

Travel Insurance

SOLIS, La Capitale's travel insurance, is distributed by SecuriGlobe and is available in 2 parts: SOLIS basic travel insurance is designed to provide affordable coverage for people who plan to travel abroad for a fairly long period of time (usually to a sunny destination). SOLIS + travel insurance, on the other hand, is a product intended for families of travellers and is designed to provide protection in scenarios such as loss of luggage, accidents or illness while you are abroad.

Group insurance

Always with the goal of offering optimal protection at all levels to individuals in Quebec and Canada, La Capitale offers companies personalized group insurance programs that cover illness and disability, life insurance, dental and optometric care, and more. La Capitale's efforts are part of an approach to prevention for individuals and support for organisations. This approach prioritizes health in the workplace, assistance and support for employees, as well as support for managers and union representatives in charge of their organisation's group insurance program.

Health and disability insurance

The purpose of health and disability insurance is to ensure that the financial aspect of problems that arise following an accident requiring a long period of convalescence before returning to work, receiving a diagnosis of a critical illness (coronary bypass surgery, heart attack, cancer, stroke, etc.) or a covered surgical procedure (such as the transplant of a vital organ, for example) is taken care of.

Life Insurance

The last type of insurance - but certainly not the least - is life insurance, a product that falls into two broad categories: term life insurance and permanent life insurance. These two types of solutions have the same purpose, which is to compensate for the loss of an income on which a family depends in order to allow it to maintain its standard of living, to pay the multiple expenses related to a death, to leave an inheritance to the beneficiaries and/or to free itself from the insurance possibly offered by an employer.

Not surprisingly, the main difference between term and permanent life insurance is the length of coverage. Term life insurance offers protection limited to a predefined time horizon (10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 35 years, in the case of La Capitale) as well as a variety of formulas designed to cover the widest possible range of scenarios. In particular, La Capitale offers insurance specifically related to leases, credit/loan protection and alimony, among others. All other things being equal, the premiums for term life insurance are lower than those for permanent insurance, and a medical examination is often required at the time of submission.

The main advantage of permanent life insurance is that it offers lifetime protection and a wide range of options that make it a financial/wealth management product in its own right, not just an insurance product. La Capitale offers no less than 6 distinct formulas designed to best meet the specific needs of a very diversified clientele.

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