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When it comes to finding the financing that meets your needs, the best debt relief products, or the right credit card, historically Canadians have had to turn to their local bank for help. But what about consumers who can’t qualify for traditional loans and credit from the big banks? Until recently, there was no visibility on the options available to these credit-constrained borrowers.

Loans Canada, founded in 2010 to help credit-constrained consumers find affordable alternatives to payday loans, is the nation’s first and largest online loan and financial service comparison platform. Consumers can visit to find personal loans that meet their needs, find debt relief solutions, compare loans, and even read reviews on lenders.

Compare Lenders and Read Reviews

 When consumers visit the Loans Canada site they can use their lender directory to compare lenders based on the type of loan or service they’re interested in. They can also read reviews left by other consumers who have had experience working with those lenders.When consumers take the time to compare their options, especially when it comes to loan offers, they are often able to save on the total cost of the loan.Choosing a lender that offers fewer fees, competitive interest rates, and payment options that fit a borrower’s unique needs can help save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Gain The Knowledge Needed to Take Control of Your Finances

 Helping Canadian consumers gain access to alternative financial products has always been Loans Canada’s number one priority. Furthermore, Loans Canada has made financial literacy central to its mission. Through the content published on, whether it’s how-to guides, interviews with industry professionals, or helpful blog posts, LoansCanada is encouraging consumers to take control of their finances. Loans Canada wants all its users to feel like they know how to make responsible borrowing decisions that can help them deal with current issues and allow them to build a brighter financial future.

Get Matched With a Service Provider That Meets Your Needs

For consumers in need of financing or debt relief assistance, Loans Canada can match them with a service provider based on their unique needs. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to taking out a payday loan, debt relief help or even a mortgage loan product, Loans Canada can help you find a product or service regardless of your financial past or credit history.


Find the best loan rate with Loans Canada. Apply once, get multiple loan options. Save time & money. Loans up to $50,000 available for any credit score.

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