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The name Alonzo is a boy's name of Spanish, Italian origin meaning "noble, ready". Alonzo is dashing and debonair, with a large measure of Latin flair. You may be surprised to know that Alonzo has been on the Most Popular list since 1880, when such records began to be kept, at which point it was Number 110. The same is true for nickname Lon, which was 193 at the time. Alonso Quijano was the real name of Don Quixote--Alonso being the Spanish version of the name. In the old Judy Garland musical Meet Me in St. Louis, Alonzo/Lon was the name of both her father and brother. Horror film star Lon Chaney was christened Leonidas, but Lon Chaney, Jr. was Creighton at birth. Alonzo Mourning is a former basketball star who goes by the nickname Zo--much more modern sounding than Lon or Lonnie.

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