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The name Cyrus is a boy's name of Persian origin meaning "sun". Very popular in the Iranian community, this name of the founder of the Persian Empire has had a more down-home, corncob pipe-smoking image for most Americans in the past, but this has begun to change. The powerful Cyrus the Great was the fifth century B.C. Persian leader who conquered Babylon to establish his empire. Since his name is mentioned in the Old Testament, it was fashionable with the Puritans. Cyrus McCormick was the inventor of the reaper, and Cyrus Vance was Secretary of State under Jimmy Carter. The name is also associated these days with singer Miley Cyrus. Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy named their baby boy Cyrus, and there have been Cyruses on Gossip Girl, Law & Order and Scandal. Ciro is the catchy Italian version.

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