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The name Jackson is a boy's name of English origin meaning "son of Jack". Cool name Jackson is one of the celebrisphere's top favorite boy names, having been chosen by, among others, Spike Lee, Poppy Montgomery, Carson Daly, Maria Bello, Natalie Maines, Scott Wolf, Maya Rudolph, and Katey Sagal. After a spectacular rise, this stylish presidential name has been in the Top 25 since 2010, overtaking John as one of the most popular boy names starting with J. In addition to historic namesakes Andrew and Stonewall, some art-loving parents may wish to honor Abstract Expressionist painter Jackson Pollock. Jackson is so popular that it now ranks higher on the Social Security list than either John or Jack, perhaps because parents see it as more modern than John and a fuller name than Jack. Following in its wake are the streamlined spellings Jaxon and Jaxson, which are also increasing in popularity.

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