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The name Marilyn is a girl's name of English origin. For a name that was in the Top 20 for a whole decade--the 1930's--Marilyn has attained the status of almost a one-person name. Just say the name Marilyn, and most people will know who you mean. Yet strangely enough, though Marilyn Monroe (born Norma Jean and renamed in tribute to earlier star Marilyn Miller) was the sex symbol of her generation, very little stardust adhered to her name. In fact, when Mariah Carey wished to honor the star in her daughter's name, she chose to call her Monroe rather than Marilyn. There have, however, been a number of other notable Marilyns, including opera singer Horne, novelist French and lyricist Bergman--not to mention male musician Marilyn Manson (nee Brian). Actress Kim Novak was born Marilyn.

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