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The name Oscar is a boy's name of English, Irish origin meaning "God spear, or deer-lover or champion warrior". Oscar has Irish and Norse roots—Norse Oscar comes from the Old English Osgar, a variation of the Old Norse name Ásgeirr. The Irish form was derived from the Gaelic elements os, meaning “deer,” and car, “loving.” In Irish legend, Oscar was one of the mightiest warriors of his generation, the son of Ossian and the grandson of Finn Mac Cumhaill (MacCool). Oscar, a round and jovial choice, is a grandpa name that's fast taking over from such urban trendies as Max and Sam. Actors Hugh Jackman and Gillian Anderson chose Oscar for their sons. In addition to being a Swedish royal name, Oscar has been especially popular with Latino families. Famous Oscars include Wilde (whose given name was Fingal), Isaac, Madison, Hammerstein, Peterson, de la Renta, the Academy Award, and the Grouch.

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