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The name Simon is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "the listener". Simon is pure and simple (not in the nursery rhyme sense), and an appealingly genuine Old and New Testament name that's not overused -- making Simon a stylish choice. In the Bible, Simon was the second son of Jacob and Leah and the original name of Saint Peter, as well as the name of several New Testament figures. Historically, Simon Bolivar is known as The Liberator of Latin America. Simon was one of the more appealing characters in Lord of the Flies, then became part of the British invasion of names that hit U.S. shores along with the Beatles. Other recent notable Simons include Simon Templar, aka The Saint; Simon Cowell, snarky judge on The X Factor; Simon Le Bon, lead singer of Duran Duran; and Simon Baker, Australian-born star of The Mentalist. Simon is currently very popular in several European countries, including Austria, Denmark, France, Sweden, Switzerland and Belgium.

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