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The name Vera is a girl's name of Russian origin meaning "faith". Vera was the height of exotic fashion in 1910, then was for a long time difficult to picture embroidered on a baby blanket. Now, though, some hip parents are beginning to quietly revive it along with other old-fashioned simple names such as Ada and Iris. Vera was barely known in the English-speaking world until it appeared in the 1860 novel by Ouida, Moths, and Vera Rostov is a character in War and Peace, published nine years later. Vern Yip has a young daughter called Vera, and Vera Wang and Vera Famiga have modernized it. Vera Lynn was an iconic British World War II singer, Vera Miles was a Hitchcock star best known for her role as Lila Crane in Psycho and Vera-Ellen (born without the hyphen) was a dancing partner of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.

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