Aquarius Zodiac Sign | Personality Traits, Symbol & Dates

Aquarius Zodiac Profile - Personality Traits, Symbol, Dates & Fun Facts

Bio: I'm the most special sign in the zodiac. I often tend to follow the moment and see the world as a place with endless possibilities. As energetic and eccentric as I can be, I also have a really shy and quiet side. I believe in idealism and I see people without any prejudice.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Dates: January 20 - February 18

Element: Air

Zodiac quality: Fixed

Ruling planet: Uranus, Saturn

Greatest compatibility: Leo, Sagittarius

My strengths: Often leftist, original, independent

My weaknesses: Inflexible, high-tempered, runs from emotional expression

I like: Being with friends, risky business, fighting for justice, intellectual discussions

I dislike: being constrained, being alone, broken promises, boring situations

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