Sagittarius Zodiac Sign | Personality Traits, Symbol & Dates

Sagittarius Zodiac Profile - Personality Traits, Symbol, Dates & Fun Facts

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Profile

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Dates : November 22 - December 21

Element : Fire

Zodiac quality : Mutable

Ruling planet : Jupiter

Greatest compatibility : Gemini, Aries

Bio : I feel like my purpose is to find out the meaning of life. There has got to be a reason we're all here, right? I always try to look at things through a positive angle rather than being self-deprecating. I am an extrovert who is addicted to changes. Oh, and by the way, I literally have no filter at all - like, I will say anything that goes through my mind. - sorry in advance!

My strengths : Sense of humor, giving, idealistic

My weaknesses : Overpromising, impatient, I will say anything, anywhere

I like : To be free, travelling, philosophy, outdoors

I dislike : Clingy people, being constrained, odd theories

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