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How do I find a good notary in Sarnia?

Finding the right notary can be a difficult task or as simple as typing "notary" into Google. However, two good ways are to ask for referrals from people you know or use the Chamber's find a Notary referral tool. You will find names of notaries according to different search criteria and close to your home.

However, depending on the type of services you require, the choice of notary may be more complex. Indeed, some services such as wills and mandates of incapacity can be completed 100% online when your financial and family situation is relatively simple. However, other services or complex cases will require the intervention of a notary to personalize the documents.

Here are the services offered by a notary in Sarnia:

  • Wills (Will drafting, will search, estate settlement, reduction of taxes payable at death, trusts, etc.)
  • Health (Protection mandate and advance medical directives)
  • Family (Adoption, travel authorizations, marriage ceremony and contract, living together contract, separation, etc.)
  • Real Estate (Purchase, sale, donation, mortgage, refinancing, promise to purchase, lease, easement, etc.)
  • Companies (Incorporation, purchase, sale, merger, share redemption, shareholder agreement, estate freeze, dissolution, liquidation, etc.)
  • Arbitration (To put an end to a dispute without going to court, easily and quickly)
  • Divorce (Joint application for divorce on the basis of a draft agreement, a more human experience).
  • Other advices (To know what to do or how to do it. To have a solution to a problem)

What is the role of a notary in Sarnia?

A notary is an impartial lawyer who can help you make informed choices on many issues. They accompany thousands of citizens through the crucial stages of their lives. Their advice allows them to evaluate the legal implications of a decision, to ensure that their last wishes will be known and respected and to protect their assets.

What are the advantages of consulting a notary in Sarnia?

The acts signed by a notary are authentic. A contract drawn up by a notary gives it a superior quality. Thus, it will have a greater legal value than a private act. The consultation of a notary for the drafting of a legal act ensures its quality and the accuracy of the information contained therein.

Are there any ways to check if the notary I have found is registered in Sarnia?

Yes, there is! You can check if a notary is registered on the Order's listing. It contains the names of all the notaries who are registered there. This search will allow you to verify if a person is a notary and authorized to practice. Your search must be for an identified person. In other words, it is important to have the exact full name of this person in order to complete the verification of his registration. Consequently, you must enter the first and last names of the notary you are looking for as registered with the Order.

Does a will have to be made by a notary in Sarnia?

No. A will does not need to be notarized to have legal value. There are three types of wills:

1. Holograph wills

A "holograph" will is a document that is handwritten and signed by the testator. It is recommended that you date and title your holographic will, so that your heirs know that it is the most recent version and not just a draft or a reminder.

2. Wills made in the presence of witnesses

This is a will that you can make on your own, online or with the help of a lawyer, but you must sign it in front of two adult witnesses who will sign it after you. It is important to avoid having one of your heirs as a witness (beneficiaries of a will cannot act as witnesses).

Did you know that a will can be produced on the web in the form of a form that must be filled out on screen and printed? However, only the paper version has legal value. Each page must therefore be signed or initialed by you and your witnesses.

3. Notarial Wills

A notarial will is made to measure by a notary according to your last wishes and your financial and family situation.

When the will is notarized, it is also registered in the Register of Wills and Mandates of The Chamber of Notaries. In addition, the original is kept in a safe place. There is no risk of it being misplaced or destroyed, and it is therefore more difficult to contest.




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